It’s been a busy week

And the following is just going to get worse!

I’m leaving in about 10 minutes for D.C. with the hubby!  It’s his birthday and he got to pick the location.  We went to Montreal for mine, so it was only fair 🙂 Yay cherry blossoms!

Next week I have a medical procedure to undergo, so I will be out of commission until next weekend 😦

We considered which would leave a smaller footprint, driving to D.C. or flying, as we live in Upstate New York…which do you think is smaller?  We may have picked the wrong one.

I picked up Made From Scratch at the library today! Can’t wait to read it next week.  The chapter titles make me giggle in amusement but I also think it’s pretty cool:

  1. Chickens
  2. Grow Your Own Meal
  3. Beekeeping
  4. The Country Kitchen
  5. Old Stuff
  6. DIY Wardrobe
  7. Working House Dogs
  8. Angora Rabbits: Portable Livestock
  9. Homemade Mountain Music
  10. Outside the Farm

Yea….this will be eye opening to say the least 🙂

I’m going to see how green you can be in D.C. to make a post out of it next week if possible.  Until then, see ya!

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  1. Have a great weekend!

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