My Next Cross-stitching Project

For those of you who have known me for years, you know I’m a big needlecrafter.  With everything that’s been going on the last few years in my life, cross-stitching has fallen down on my list of things to do – however, it’s still on my list of 101 things to do in in 1001 days. (No, I will not be posting that list here, some of the things I want to accomplish I would never admit in real life 🙂 )

For those who don’t know what cross-stitching is, here’s a good picture of what it entails:

Cross-stitching diagram

Simple cross-stitching diagram

Over the years, I’ve collected a bit of the supplies needed for my craft:

Needlecrafting supplies

Needlecrafting supplies

Yea, I have a LOT of embroidery thread 🙂  I’ve been using the stuff since about 6th grade when I used to make friendship bracelets with it.  I still have a few of those bracelets tucked away inside the green box but I’m pleased to say I haven’t made any such bracelets in about ….15 years?  As I cross-stitch different things I find myself needing new color after new color…and I’ve gotten lazy enough that I haven’t even transferred some of my newest colors (er…new as in a year old?) to the cards yet.  Oops.

So I’ve been working on a “wedding” cross-stitching project for about a year now, and have embarrassingly little to show for it.  Every few months I pull it out again and do precious few stitches before getting bored and returning it to the plastic Gap bag I keep beside my bed.

I actually have done this pattern before, for my friend Heather’s wedding back in 2002 (egads, really?  7 years ago?) and I loved it so much I’m trying to make one to commemorate me and K’s wedding…so what if I finish it on my 5th anniversary?

Here’s what the pattern looks like:

Wedding cross-stitching pattern

Wedding cross-stitching pattern

(Just ignore the date I wrote in when planning out the pattern for Heather’s wedding).

And here’s what I’ve done so far…

Unfinished cross-stitching

Unfinished cross-stitching

I think it’s 18 count Aida, if I remember correctly. The white pieces holding the Aida messily in place are just part of a frame rack I’m using to keep the cloth taut while I stitch in it.  When it’s done, I’ll take it out, iron it out and hopefully frame it properly.

I’ve got aways to go.  But the most boring part (the border) is finally almost finished.  Maybe I’ll actually finish it this year after all.

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  1. Beautiful! I love cross-stitched stuff, they make homes so warm 😀

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