Overnight Growth

We have growth!  Yay!

The beginnings of lettuce!

The beginnings of lettuce!

I am pretty sure that this is the Black-seeded Simpson Lettuce growing, but it might be the Amish Deer Tongue. I really need to get on making some seed markers or it’s gonna be a long summer!

Long-standing Spinach

Long-standing Spinach

Our first spinach plant!

I didn’t take a picture, but the strawberry plants look like they are loving life out in the garden.  I was afraid the huge change in temperatures last week would affect them, but they are looking green and happy so far.  I think they’ve even gotten a little bigger.  I’m ready for them to put out some runners and start producing us some strawberries!

We found this plant growing in our garden and are such new gardeners, we’re wondering if it’s a weed or something left over from last year.  Knowing our luck, it’s probably a weed.  But does anyone know what this is?

Mystery Plant

Mystery Plant

And finally, the tulips are starting to bloom! Albany’s Tulip Festival is next week, and there will be hundreds of tulips more to see!




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