New planting

Last night at the garden, hubby and I ran into our neighbor Lev again, who was painstakingly measuring out rows for his beets with a strip of wood.  Quite a bit neater than the “finger drawn through the dirt” plan that K and I take, that only ends up straight half the time.  His garden is a perfect collection of right angles and just looks like the perfect garden, but maybe we’ll get into that only if we’re successful growing anything this year 🙂

Our neighbor Walter was also there, turning up his land, finally! Nice guy, and he seemed to know his plants.  He told us that the plant on his land we thought might be broccoli rabe was only an imposter and the mystery plant on our side was indeed an herb.  Which herb, we still don’t know, but apparently an herb 😉

Tonight we planted our golden chard, Danvers carrots, and our Catskills Brussel Sprouts.  We should have probably gotten these in a few weeks ago, but it’s been a busy time.  All we have left now is to plant our corn, peas, melon, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini…uh oh, I think we’re running out of space.  When was it I thought we had so much space?

Today I HAVE to get some plant markers made, as we’re already getting confused as to what we planted where.  However, all three kinds of lettuce look like they are doing well, our onions are sprouting, our parsley has new growth, and the strawberries are starting to put out runners!  Look!

Strawberry plant with little runner

Strawberry plant with little runner

I am starting to breathe easy now as I was really afraid we’d planted them too early.  But I guess the mulching really helped!

We were told we shouldn’t plant tomatoes and eggplant until mid-May at the earliest, but it’s been so nice, I really want to get them started.  We’re going to head back to the co-op and Pigliaventos today to check out what they have.  Other than that, we have a lot to do around the house and with the cars (of course).  And tomorrow is the first day of the summer Farmer’s Market!


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