Seed Markers and Garlic

I got honest-to-God sunburned Saturday as I sat outside on my deck painting little wooden plaques for 1.5 hours in the upstate NY sun!  I am bright lobster red on my shoulders and the back of my neck – I have quite the tank-top tan lines going on.  How embarrassing, and it was only May 2nd!

Finally, finally made my seed markers! And not a moment too soon, we were getting all mixed up as to what we had planted where.  And we may have stuck in the wrong lettuce markers – I guess we’ll be able to tell later when they get bigger.

I just went for a simple wooden seed marker, made of dowels and wooden plaques.  From Walmart.


We had leftover primer from painting our den earlier this year (oh yea, the room is stilll not done) so even though it’s interior paint, I just used that for the markers.


Painted plaques

Painted plaques

Then I painted the names on there – some more specific than others.  I didn’t specifically write Catskill Brussels Sprouts or Danvers Carrots because I figure I can use those year after year.  But we have 3 different kinds of lettuce so I need to be able to tell those apart.  I can always paint over them again next year.


And then, finally, I just glued the dowels to the back of the plaques and voila! Ready to plant in the proper beds.


And plant them I did 🙂



I weeded out the little maple saplings you see next to the fence, before they crowd out my lettuce.  We also planted sugar snap peas this evening.  A little late, they probably should have gone in last month, but oh well. We’ll see how they do.

While there, we saw Terry working on her plot.  We started talking, and there was this really nice fragrance coming from somewhere in her garden.  She said she had been munching on raw garlic stalks and offered one to me.  She said she didn’t like the garlic she was growing because it was turning out to be too mild.  Well, I’ve never had them before, but sure, why not?  Man, that was pungent. And strong to me, but also good.  Since she was trying to get rid of them, she offered us 7 garlic plants.  They should be growing the scapes in a month or so, and then they will be ready to harvest by the end of our summer.  These things have been planted since before last winter, so there’s no way we would be able to harvest our own garlic this year if we were to go plant some.  As it is, transplanting them from her garden into ours may set them back a bit, but we will have our own garlic soon. Yay!

Garlic plants transplanted to our plot

Garlic plants transplanted to our plot

Dude, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF ROOM IN OUR PLOT! I never thought this would happen.

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