Albany Tulip Festival

I’ve gotten more sun this spring so far than I think I usually do all summer!  Yesterday my parents came up to visit to celebrate Mother’s Day with with K and I and we headed over to Washington Park in Albany to go to the Tulip Festival.  It was hot and gorgeous and had just the right breeze to feel great sitting on the grass eating festival food.


The Tulip Festival is a celebration of Albany’s Dutch heritage and the arrival of spring, with over 140 different kinds, and 200,000 tulips that are in full bloom.  It’s gorgeous! And of course, there’s tons of craft vendors and festival foods, with kettlecorn, fresh squeezed lemonade, fried oreos and fried dough galore.  All the bad stuff.


A few pics of all the tulips:











Ok, enough with the tulip pics.  I’m sorry, I can’t help myself.  They were all so beautiful.  I have even more pictures that I took, but I’ll stop subjecting you to them 🙂

So we walked around, burning some calories, and then decided we would fill ourselves up on some yummy (but bad for you) festival food.

Fresh squeezed lemonade in quart sized containers.

Fresh squeezed lemonade in quart sized containers.

Half-eaten fried dough

Half-eaten fried dough

So yummy and perfect on a day like that.

Afterwards we walked around some more and I couldn’t help myself but take pictures of the gorgeous trees and bushes in bloom as well!

Lilac bush

Lilac bush

Pretty colors

Pretty colors


Mulberry tree

Mulberry tree

People were gathered by the mainstage, waiting for Third Eye Blind to come out!


Instead of waiting around for them, we just kept walking around. We ran into Moses.

Moses statue in King Memorial Fountain

Moses statue in King Memorial Fountain

It was the perfect day for a dip and lots of kiddies were enjoying themselves.


Before we left, we ran into this huge antique carnival organ that was playing music on the edge of the festival.


Very cool.


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