We gave in

Look what we bought tonight!


Canon Rebel XS

A DSLR! Finally!

We’re talking about Vermont tomorrow and I slyly point out (as I’ve been doing every week for the past two months) that since we’re planning to buy a DSLR, we might as well get it for our trip this weekend so we have something nice to take pictures with.

I expect K to talk me out of it as he normally does, telling me we need to hoard all our money until I’m back to work after my surgery, in case I’m out longer than expected and we need $$.

However, this time he didn’t.  We have been AWFULLY good, and we do have a bunch saved, but we definitely gave in to ourselves.  But don’t worry, we’d done our research, we knew exactly what kind of camera we wanted to get, so we were somewhat smart about it 🙂 So we hopped in the car and zoomed over to Albany to Stuyvesant Photo, instead of Best Buy or buying it from Amazon because we want to support our local business.  Especially after we checked out their website and saw they’re a member of the 3/50 Project.

We had to zoom because we had 20 minutes before they closed.  Thank goodness there was no traffic. Luckily the owner was still open (granted, we were spending a bunch of money, so obviously 🙂 ) and he taught us about it, then put together the camera and straps and everything for us, recommended a great camera bag and gave us some tips.  We were there for over half an hour after they were SUPPOSED to close.  He said he didn’t know everything about the camera, his employees knew more, but to bring it back after our trip this weekend and they would teach us everything they knew.  Yay for personalized service!

So we’re a little nervous about it. I haven’t picked up an SLR since high school! I guess this weekend we’ll stick with the autofocus features and learn more about the manual later.  But I can’t wait to take nicer pics!


3 Responses

  1. I have an older model of the Canon Rebel, and I love it! It’s hard to take bad pictures with it, even if you don’t know how to use all the fancy features, which is what I love about it. Have fun with it and enjoy your weekend away from the bugs 🙂

  2. I am SO jealous.

  3. What a great purchase!! And thanks for posting about the 350 project. We have some amazing local businesses here, and I can’t wait to let them know about it as well.

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