Can It, Preserve It, Pickle It, Savor It

A couple of friends pointed out this article to me in yesterday’s New York Times.

Preserving Time in a Bottle (or Jar)

It’s about the not-new interest in food preserving.  Right up my alley and I was thrilled to have more than one person “think of me” when they read it 🙂

Being a new canner myself, I was interested in learning that there are “warring factions” in preserving (is there anything that doesn’t?) and that some people actually make pectin themselves from green apples and some people don’t use pectin at all!  I had no idea. I gladly use the powdered and liquid pectin they sell at the store. It honestly never occured to me that the pectin sold isn’t “natural.” I just figured it was.  Food for thought.

Nor did I realize there were once community canneries!  Imagine being able to do this with lots of people with lots of great canning equipment, instead of your plastic tongs and flimsy magnet stick over your little stove.  Of course, with community canneries, perhaps comes less control over how you can.

I was thrilled to read, in the article, about a group in Schoharie County that recently received a grant to start a new one.  It’s only about 20 min. away from me – it’s where my BFF lives!  I checked out their website at Schoharie Co-op Cannery and saw they are looking for legal counsel. I don’t have any experience starting a non-profit (or a for profit) myself but I have worked with non-profits before, so I’ve sent an email asking if they need any help.  I’m not sure what I would (or could do) but I would love to get involved.

ETA: I heard back from them quickly! They are having a meeting this weekend that I might be able to get to.  We’ll see where this goes!

They have even gotten a letter of interest from Honest Weight Co-op (the co-op I am always mentioning on this blog 🙂 ).  They are already interested in carrying the cannery’s products when it gets up and going.  I love how the community is already getting involved in this -it’s really one of my favorite things about the local foods movement.


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