Random Pics I Took Yesterday

Our two flower boxes:



We’re down to two boxes of flowers this year, thanks to our efforts in the garden.  In the planters we have million bells, pansies, stock, and marigolds.  None of the colors match, thanks to our sticking in the orange and black pansies! Oops…

At the co-op on Saturday we found cubanelle pepper plants! I had been asking the hubby where we could find some all Spring, as I LOVE cubanelles.  He told me they didn’t sell them around here.  So imagine my surprise when he came up to me with them in hand, jokingly apologizing for having led me astray.  And we bought them! I guess they’re going to have to go in planters as we have no room in the garden, but I can’t wait to have fajitas later this year with these sweet peppers!


And finally, I took a pic yesterday of the super tall trees that behind us.  They’ve been flowering all weekend, and the flowers are so fragrant, almost as much as lilac, but these flowers are white.


Anyone know what they are?  They are so tall, this pic was taking from our deck on the second floor and the trees tower way above us.  K and I don’t remember them flowering at all last year, which means we REALLY weren’t paying attention or the weather was much colder last year. Probably the former 🙂


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