Bike ride to the Farmer’s Market

We did it! The hubby and I biked all the way from our house to the farmer’s market today and back.  We didn’t use one ounce of fossil fuel.  All in all, it was about 10 miles round trip, which we did in about two hours, taking time to stop and take pics and of course go shopping.  Yay! Although, I’m so out of shape, I’m pretty tired right now.

It took us a little while to get started because we couldn’t find the bike lock we purchased last year.  So we needed to make a pit stop at Kmart before we continued down the road towards the canal bike trail.  We finally got off the busy road and onto the trail about here:


We headed to the right and worked our way down the path.


The trail is mostly flat, with little hills and valleys along the way.  There are some pretty views along the canal.


But we’re surrounded on the other side by the interstate.



Finally, we could see Schenectady in the distance.


We headed into the Stockade and I felt better having done that ride once already.  Before we knew it, we were through the Stockade and over at the farmers market! It was much shorter than I thought it would be.

We locked our bikes to the rack in front of Schenectady City Hall.


The market was bustling today!


We forgot to bring cash with us, so we wrote a check for more tokens:


We bought the usual stuff, but there was something new at the market this week!



They look so good! I’ve been waiting to go strawberry picking ever since the middle of May but no place is having PYO just yet.  Sadly, we didn’t buy any this week because they’re really expensive.  Buhrmaster Farms told us PYO will start in a few weeks.  Why not now?  Clearly there’s strawberries now!

After we shopped, we stopped off for a little snack.


Chips and dip

The homemade tortilla chips were fantastic.  The guacamole had a little too much lime juice in it though.  But the pink lemonade was delicious and refreshing, and definitely got us ready to tackle the ride home.

Eating guac and chips!

Eating guac and chips!

Before we left, we listened to the band of the week, Running the River, playing some lively Irish music. They were pretty good.


Finally we were ready to leave.  I made sure to make the most of the paper flower that came with our lemonade though.


Our milk and chicken came home perfectly, so we can definitely do this again!  It was great to get some exercise in AND get some errands done!


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