The Recovery Continues

Stuck at home, not able to do much makes it hard to blog about non-personal things…so I’m sharing a personal, ugly picture.

Ok, I hate pictures of myself.  Hate hate hate.  So hard to find one I like.

So here is the ugliest I hopefully will ever look.  But hey! I’ve got a thumbs up going on, so I must have been in a good mood

But yea, I don’t remember this picture being taken 🙂  This is me, still on the respirator, probably the day AFTER my surgery I think…when I had actually woken up.


Yikes it’s scary.  Apparently I demanded my glasses because I am blind without them.  I also asked to wash my hair (I have the paper on which I attempted to scribble this as proof).  Not sure how I expected to wash my hair in this state – LOL!

This week I am doing much better after a slight relapse last week.  Today, I went to the mall with my mom for THREE hours.  It’s the most I’ve left my house for yet.  I bought some cotton shorts (haha) because they are über-comfy and I don’t feel like anything uncomfortable these days, and an apron.  Don’t ask about the apron.  The hubby met us for lunch and I looked almost normal.

Then I came home, utterly exhausted and zonked out.  Not quite normal yet.

I called work today to check in with folks.  My vacation/sick/personal time was due to be used up at the end of June and then I would be on FMLA but not getting paid 😦  But I found out from HR that people have donated enough leave for me to get paid through July 17th.  Holy cow.  I am so grateful and thankful! I feel like I barely know anyone there but people actually donated their vacation time to me!  This is enough to get me one extra paycheck I would not otherwise get.  And I can’t even know who they are because it’s against the rules.  I have to figure out how to get a thank you out somehow.

Speaking of thank yous…I must get others out (now that I’m feeling a little better) for the flowers and other things I have gotten. Unfortunately I did not think to take pics of all of them, but here are some of the things people have sent me.  Darn it, why didn’t I remember to take pics of everything? My brain is seriously fried right now.

From Sarah - yay chocolate! :)

From Sarah - yay chocolate! 🙂

From Am and Rudy

From Am and Rudy

From work

From work

In garden-y news…we have cubanelle peppers growing.  Cubanelles are my favorite pepper -I love them in fajitas!

Baby cubanelle

Baby cubanelle

Cubanelles plants in planter

Cubanelle plants in planter

Our crazy alpine strawberry plant

Our crazy alpine strawberry plant

Jalapeno pepper plants

Jalapeno pepper plants

Mango plant (left), lemon plant (right)

Mango plant (left), lemon plant (right)

Avocado plant

Avocado plant

As you can tell, these are all being grown on our deck. Still haven’t been able to get out to the garden 😦


3 Responses

  1. Glad you’re feeling better Chelle! That’s awesome of your coworkers 🙂

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better! Yay for fantastic co-workers! I love that you asked to wash your hair! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! WTG on your trip to the mall. You’re constantly in my thoughts & prayers. Hope you’re back to 125% of your fabulous self very soon.

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