Weekend To Do List

We finally have a free weekend and I’m making a list of eleventy billion things I want to do.  You know, beyond the normal food shopping, cleaning, laundry, and the like – which in itself could probably take up all weekend.

But this weekend we’re going to a new farm (a “new to us” farm, the farm itself isn’t new, heh) to go raspberry and blackberry picking!  I’m hoping there’s lots to pick.  I’ve gone wild berry picking before, you know, when camping, or at someone’s house and they have it growing in the back, but never picked at a farm.  Then, of course, I plan to can raspberry and blackberry jam.

I also need to make more butter.  My first attempt at making butter was a great success, and lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.  We finished it and need some more!

Besides that though, we really need to spend some serious time in the garden, making up for all that time during July when we just couldn’t get there due to my recuperation.  Even now, I’m not 100%, but I can certainly handle more things.

We need to:

  • Weed. Everwhere.  Pull out the dead plants (like the sugarsnap pea vines) and cart them away to the mulch pile.
  • Collect seeds. Our lettuce has gone to seed, along with what’s left of the peas, so they need to be collected to save for next year.
  • Turn over dirt. The garlic has been harvested (and used already! Woe 😦 ), the onions have been pulled, the lettuce has been done for some time, and all of it needs to be turned over so we can plant anew in the fall.
  • Plant fall crops. Not sure what we’re going to do with it yet.  Definitely garlic (which we won’t get until next year) but I need to do some research on what is hardy in the Zone 5 area, where we live.  The brussels sprouts are still growing and are a winter crop, I think, but not sure what else.

Phew! So much to do, and only 2 days to do it all in.


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  1. I am living vicariously through your garden. Next year we shall plant something!

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