Butter Redux

While K and I made jam Saturday night, I managed to whip up a fresh batch of butter.  This went as smoothly as the last time (sans the worrying about whether or not I was doing it correctly).  However, this time, instead of putting the entire ball of butter in one of our glass Pyrex containers, hubby suggested we find a little butter mold and make small pieces of butter instead.  He said that while our first batch of butter lasted awhile and tasted just fine, the container it was kept in smelled of spoiled milk after awhile.  (Of course, he didn’t let me know this until after the butter was all used up!)

While at Bed, Bath and Beyond last night buying our new pot (I am STILL excited about that pot, ha!), we looked for butter molds, but they didn’t have any.  Boo.  So instead, we purchased a silcone mini muffin pan to serve a dual purpose – a type of butter mold, and of course, a mini muffin pan. 🙂

I’m a little unsure about purchasing silicone.  You can’t recycle it, and Annie at Care2 says that “The chemical hazard database at Scorecard repeatedly reports that there isn’t enough research to determine the hazards.”  Mmm… a little worrisome.

However, we were in need of something, so we bought it and I hope we won’t end up regretting it.

After making the butter, K pressed the soft spread into a few of the mini muffin holes, then put it in the freezer to harden overnight.

Then, Sunday morning, I popped out the frozen pats of butter.

I wrapped each one in wax paper, then placed in a ziploc freezer bag.

We can take out a little butter at a time, and don’t have to worry about that spoiled milk smell anymore.

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  1. Very cool idea. One of my biggest fears about homemade butter was that I wouldn’t be able to use it all. Now that you gave me the idea I might be willing to try it. In fact I think I could work it into a sunday school lesson and have everyone do it 🙂

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