In The Garden This Week…

…I am running out of things to do with tomatoes!

Ok, not really. I suppose I could can stewed tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, and tomato paste, but between the tomato sauce we’re making (yes, making, this is taking multiple days, stay tuned) and the salsa we made and canned, and the tomatoes we throw into almost every meal lately, I’m looking for more things to do with them.  We got about 10 more pounds of tomatoes out of the garden this week.

CDCG sent around an email saying that they’re going to do inspections of all the garden plots for tomato and potato blight.  I’m still pretty sure we don’t have any (we didn’t plant any potatoes), as it supposedly devastates your crop of plants within 5 days, and we’re still pulling pounds of tomatoes out each week.  But even if we do, I feel like we got enough tomatoes out of it for the season already.

So, here’s what we took home from the garden this week.

Garden bounty

Garden bounty

A big bag full of tomatoes, a bunch of carrots from thinning the carrot patch, a sandwich bag stuffed full of parsley (to be used in our tomato sauce), and 2 cubanelle peppers.

The carrots have really grown since the last time we thinned them out.

It looks like a real carrot now!

It looks like a real carrot now!

And the two small bunches of parsley that looked like this on May 30th?

Curly parsley

Curly parsley

Yea…it’s turned into this behemoth:

Out of control curly parsley

Out of control curly parsley

So…to my farm girls out there – how do you know when corn is ready to be picked?  Because some of ours started “falling” outwards this week.  They look like this:

Is it ready?

Is it ready?

Instead of being straight up, it’s kind of fallen over a little.  So, should I pick it this weekend?

K tells me our brussels sprouts are finally..sprouting?

I don't see anything, but apparently hubby does

I don't see anything, but apparently hubby does

Do you see the tiny white dot in the “crook” of one of the plant leaves?  Apparently that white dot will become a brussel sprout.  In each crook, a sprout will form.  I’ll have to see it to believe it 🙂 But brussels sprouts are cold weather plants, so it has longer time to grow than my corn.

We left the garden looking in great condition this week, well, at least compared to most of this summer.  Hubby got out and learned how to use a real weedwhacker – a very scary tool if you ask me!  That little plastic whipper thing that goes ’round and ’round doesn’t seem like it should be able to cut through brush in seconds, but I’m scared to get too close to it.  He finally “mowed” the pathway to our plot, and the walkways between our beds.  He cleared up the dead sugarsnap pea plants and turned over the beds, I collected red lettuce seeds and then he mowed the spinach bed down too.  I can see beds again, lol!  Hopefully this weekend we’ll do more weeding and turning over of old beds in preparation for fall planting.


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  1. Your corn has a ways to go! Wait until the top leaves start turning brown.

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