Whirlwind Weekend

Whew!  K and I have been gone to NYC for the Labor Day weekend, attending my college friend’s beautiful vegan wedding on Sunday (really, I can’t separate the vegan-ness out, especially as the favors were a donation to Farm Sanctuary).  It was beautiful and very them – what more could you ask for?  And I got to meet up with college friends I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years.  Eek! Has it really been that long?  Close to it!

The bride and groom looked stunning and ecstatically happy.

Jonathan and Rachel

Jonathan and Rachel

The hubby and I also extended our anniversary celebration through the weekend as well.  Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone for pictures most of the weekend, so the quality isn’t that good.  We came down Saturday night for dinner and a show and had a terrific night. Originally we had planned to stay in the city for the weekend, but the U.S. Open and the holiday drove up prices beyond which we could afford, so we took the train in from his brother’s place in White Plains, and it worked out really well.

Aburi sushi (1 piece cut in half)

Aburi sushi (1 piece cut in half)

Before the show, we went back to one of our old favorites, Japonica. I used to go there for special occasions in college and I had taken K and some friends visiting from London back around 5 years ago, and K hasn’t stopped raving about it since.  I’m sure there are better restaurants in the city, but we love their sashimi.  This time, we started off with with a piece of aburi, which is a thicker cut of raw fish that is seared quickly on each side (which leaves most of the piece still raw).  We chose the fluke, as the menu told us it had a stronger flavor that most natives prefer, and we were not disappointed.

K ordered some sake in a box, which was interesting. I don’t know much about sake, but he said the wood of the box tempered the sake.

K and his sake

K and his sake

Instead of pondering the quality of wood and alcohol together, I enjoyed K’s green tea.

Me and tea

Me and tea

After we whet our appetites with the aburi, we moved on to some of the best fried oysters I’ve ever tasted.  They were big, succulent and deliciously breaded – worth every penny.

Fried oyster appetizer

Fried oyster appetizer

For dinner, K and I split a sushi/sashimi combination. Is this not gorgeous?



The pieces of fish were huge!  It really made us miss living closer to NYC because sushi in Albany/Schenectady is just nowhere near this sushi. K was like a little kid in a candy shop. 🙂  It was tough going, but we managed to finish this.  Then we were stuffed!

But the management gave us little shots of plum wine (for free!) when we were done.  mmm…I love plum wine.

Plum wine shots

Plum wine shots

We rolled out of the restaurant and caught a cab to the Golden Theatre, where we watched one of the final performances of Avenue Q!

Sneaked a pic in the theater

Sneaked a pic in the theater

Avenue Q is basically Sesame Street for adults.  Well actually, post-college kids – about 25 to 35 – which I would think is a pretty limited demographic, but maybe it’s for those of us who loved Rent when it first came out and are now older.

Look at the names of some of the songs and imagine them in the context of an episode of Sesame Street:

  • What Do You Do With a B.A. in English?
  • If You Were Gay (first line starts with – If you were gay, it’d be okay)
  • The Internet is for Porn
  • Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

All set to the lovely Sesame Street-type jingle songs.

We loved it! Its run is ending September 13th, but I think I really want to see it at Proctors when it comes to Schenectady.

Our weekend was wonderful, and it’s a bit of let down being back home, but what are you gonna do?

I’ll just finish this point with some of the lyrics to one of the songs in the show –

♫ ♪ For Now ♪ ♫

♩Everyone’s a little
bit unsatisfied…♩

♩Everyone goes ’round
a little empty inside…♩


3 Responses

  1. I am so jealous! I love sushi and hear you on the outsane prices up here. I think the last time I had it was when we went to lunch.

    And I will totally go with you to see Avenue Q at Proctors. I listened to some of the songs on my friend’s iPod and cracked up. How appropriately offensive but fun.

    • I was actually thinking about you when I was writing this. I was wondering what you would think about Avenue Q and if you would be offended at all! 🙂

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