Stupid Raccoons

K and I saw Lev working in his garden plot, digging up his potatoes.  I asked him about his corn and told him what happened to us, and he said it was likely racoons, not squirrels.

So, squirrels of the world, I apologize to you for stereotyping your kind last week.

Raccoons!!!!! You are the current bane of my existence!!! **shakes fist**

You know why? Because they ate all our eggplant this past week!  No corn, now no eggplant – Chelle is a sad, sad girl.  WTH?  There’s a gate around the garden.  Sure, I guess they could have climbed it, but there are so many other cooler things to eat than my little eggplants.

Dear Baby Eggplants,

I miss you.  You never had a chance.  Seeing the chewed up pieces of stalk that was once your umbilical cord to life left behind, at least lets me know some animal enjoyed your fine flesh.  I know that you and the corn are now frolicking together in veggie heaven.

Love, Me

In other garden news, our melons are growing.  Yes, watermelon.  Yes, they are 1 inch big.  No, I don’t think we’re going to be partaking in juicy watermelon this year as the growing season is almost done.  Besides, the raccoons will probably eat them anyway. 😉

Tiny watermelon

Tiny watermelon

Watermelon flower

Watermelon flower

We should have thinned the carrots earlier because many of them didn’t grow that big.  However, we are starting to get some nice sized ones now!

What's up doc?

What's up doc?

And finally…the tomatoes are all but done. We got two this week.  There’s a couple left on the vines, but that’s it!  I’m sick of making tomato stuff, but I almost wish I had another 30 lbs!

2 little Green Zebras

2 little Green Zebras

This coming weekend we’re going to start preparing the garden for winter.  Gonna plant the garlic, transplant the alpine strawberry plant, collect more seeds.

Does anyone here save seeds?  Would anyone be interested in a seed exchange?

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