Am I Cheap, Thrifty, or Just Really Interested in Self-Sufficiency?

D?  All of the above?

Really, I can afford to buy breadcrumbs, I swear.  But I wanted to see if I could do this, so I didn’t waste any food.

I made my own breadcrumbs this week. I had a leftover baguette from a couple weeks ago and I held onto it to see if it would mold. I considered it an experiment.  (I know….WTF?)  When it didn’t, but when it was as hard as a rock, I went to town.  First I broke it in half over my knee like a stick of dead firewood. It was strangely satisfying. 😉

Stale baguette

Stale baguette

Then I went to town chopping it up, first in coarse pieces, then in the food processor.

And finally, I enjoyed mixing in my own herbs: some onion powder, garlic powder, dried parsley, etc.  Can’t wait to use it!

Seasoned breadcrumbs

Seasoned breadcrumbs

Waste not, want not.


3 Responses

  1. I think you’re just really interested in self-sufficiency 🙂

  2. I think you are just really interested in self-sufficiency.

    The thought of you breaking the baguette over your knee makes me laugh!

  3. Not cheap! I make my own croutons with stale baguette all the time.

    Enjoy the breadcrumbs!

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