Pictures From This Week

There was a lot going on in our lives this week, some photographed, lots not.  A sampling of things…

Kitty in a Bag

I don’t understand it, but Bailey loves being carried around in a bag. He climbed into the ATL bag and we got a picture before dumping him unceremoniously out. 🙂


Fresh butter just out of the butter molds I picked up at Different Drummer Kitchen last week.  I really wasn’t too impressed with it, I think I’ll stick with the mini muffin mold instead from now on.


We cracked open a half pint of the salsa we canned a couple months ago.  It was terrific, fresh as the day we made it!


Local ice cream we bought at the co-op last week in my Wales mug that I love.  The Mohawk Indians called the Algonquins “bark eaters” because they ate tree bark during the long Adirondack winters, but in this case the “bark” was English Almond Toffee.  Yum!


Lovely menu created by Angie who hosted a delicious dinner at her house this week! So good.


Me on the hay bale, getting ready to mulch the garden.


Apple trees, ready for picking! We had a great time at Indian Ladder this weekend.


This is Sampson, Am and Rudy’s beautiful Dalmatian, enjoying the farm life. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Wow you got a lot done. And I love the pic of you and Bailey. You both look great 🙂

  2. The leaf molds would be perfect for Thanksgiving

  3. My cat *loves* to be carried around in a bag too!! He also likes to ride around in my zipped up sweatshirt. I don’t know who is crazier, him for liking to ride around in bags or be for allowing it. haha

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