Last Weekend in the Garden

Things are busy this week and I’m only getting around to posting last weekend garden pics now.  As you saw from pictures over the weekend, we brought our hay bale and started mulching around the garden.


Our alpine strawberry plant seemed to decrease by half its size since we transplanted it from the pot on the deck to the garden last week.  It looks like it finally took hold though as the inner leaves are nice and green.  The red, outer leaves are (I’m guessing) a result of the cold temps we’ve been having. It was in the 30s last night! No frost yet though, although the average first frost around here is October 2.


Our pepper plants are hanging in there and looking good. They have a ton of flowers on them and currently one more pepper is growing but we’re not sure what else we’ll be getting from them.

We had found free iris bulbs at the co-op and we brought them to garden to plant to beautiful around the outside.


We have morning glories growing on the fence by our plot.  They’re beautiful but we’re not supposed to plant them in the garden.  I’m guessing they were allowed at one time and the reason why they are now forbidden is because they spread everywhere and take over.


Besides the carrots (and spinach and garlic we planted last week) the only two things we have left growing this year are the brussel sprouts and watermelon.  The sprouts are looking good, and I’m wondering how long it’ll take to grow to maturity. It feels like we planted these so long ago.  We saw them for sale for the first time this season at the farmers market this past Sunday.


It’s no longer little white nubs in the crooks of the branches, they’re starting to look like tiny brussel sprouts.

And finally, this:


The only watermelon we have left.  I’m surprised some animal hasn’t carried it off so far (and half expecting it to be gone every time we go there.  It’s about the size of my fist now, which means it doubled in size since last week! We’ll see how big it gets with the temps. dropping.

K and I are going to try to make a cold frame (or some cold frames) this weekend.

Cold frames are basically boxes built partially below and partially above the ground, with glass or plastic on top to trap in some heat.  This helps extend the growing season (later in the fall/winter, earlier in the spring) so you get more out of the ground.  We’re doing this kind of late, but hopefully we can help out our spinach (and maybe our melon) by putting something up so the frost won’t affect them…yet.


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