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IMG_0151Have you ever heard of Habitat for Humanity Re-store?  I hadn’t until this week.  I forget exactly now where I read it (though it was definitely online) and I think it was in some blog or another that I was reading.

Habitat for Humanity Re-store is sort of like a Salvation Army or Goodwill store, except it’s for home improvement items.  They accept donated items like old appliances, windows, doors, paint, anything related to house stuff and sell them to earn money for Habitat for Humanity.

So, K and I wanted some old windows to use in our coldframe project. Instead of running out to Lowes or even the local hardware store, we hit up the Capital District Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

Man, they had EVERYTHING there. Some very out of date appliances, some old couches, LOTS of cabinets, mirrors, lighting fixtures, you name it – they have it.


They had lots of windows, but at first we didn’t see the size/kind we wanted.  We kept checking around. With so much stuff, we knew we’d find something.


In the far back corner of the store we found a bunch great looking windows for our purposes.  Then we also found a pile of 2x4s that they were selling for $.50 each so we chose 4 of the best looking ones.  Added to that an old can of exterior paint (quart) and we were almost entirely set!  We got all of it for $15, helped “recycle” some old items and HfH made a little money.  It works out well for all of us.


K spent a good portion of the evening planning out his cold frame design (oh help, the engineer is coming out!) and I’m pretty sure we’ll have the best made coldframe ever this time tomorrow night.  Unless he’s still planning it out. And measuring.  I mean, I understand the “measure twice, cut once” mantra, but this could go to extremes. 🙂

Stay tuned…

2 Responses

  1. That sounds like such a great store! You get stuff for cheap, and Habitat gets money. Awesome!

  2. I love the exchange. You get to make an awesome thing for your garden and Habitat gets some money to help others get home 🙂

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