First Frost

It froze last night.  I opened my door to go to work this morning and saw a thin layer of ice on my windshield.  My first thought was “Nooooooo!” I mean, the average first frost date for our area is September 29th, so I knew it should be happening soon, but I hadn’t heard it was supposed to freeze yesterday.  I’m bummed.  Secretly I was hoping K would finish the coldframe in time, but alas, no. 

Despite him working on it for 4 hours this weekend, it’s still not done.  Honestly, I don’t understand what takes so long.  It better be a masterpiece by the time he’s finished! I left to go shopping for food and buy some more jars for canning and came back and he’d only cut a few more pieces of wood.  I was gone for several hours, folks, not 30 minutes.

So, I’m worried about the baby spinach. I know they’re hardy, but they’re not THAT hardy and I think they’re too young to make it through the frost.  The carrots should be ok because they’re mostly underground. Our peppers are done.  I haven’t been back to check on the brussel sprouts but I think they’d be ok.  The melon, nope. 

And that’s it for our garden for the year; all that’s left.  It’s going to freeze again tonight, but maybe I’ll ask him to go take a look at things and see if there’s a point to putting down a frost blanket tonight.  The problem with the garden is that it’s not right outside our door, which makes it annoying to cover and uncover the plants, even if it is on our way to and from work. 

On a toastier note, we finally broke out our down comforter that was given to us as a wedding gift a few years back and were very cozy all night long. I don’t think we’ve even put on the heat yet. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I love reading about your garden. Really. I cannot wait to have one of my own some day. Hope to follow in your foot steps. 🙂

  2. Darn it! I hope some stuff survived.

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