My Dream Homestead

In thinking about what homesteading things I would most like to concentrate on right now, I started thinking about my ideal homesteading life.  Then, on Sunday morning,  I saw on Mother Earth News the exact question I’d been thinking about.  “With no limitations, what would your ideal future homestead look like?

My answer seems to be a little different than most of the people on there. For instance,  I wouldn’t want 500 acres; even 100 acres would be way too much for me UNLESS it was wooded land I could just hike on.  So, I think I would take about 20 acres with a home that looked like this: .


It would also have the best pantry ever, to hold everything I wanted to preserve, my jams and salsas, spices, apples, flour, sugar, etc.

That house would have a small greenhouse lean-to at the side of it, which I could use to start veggies and flowers in the spring, make them last a little longer in the fall  and grow herbs almost all year round, like this:

I’d have a really big garden, maybe double or triple the size we have now, with raised beds and trellises, and I’d own an auto-tiller  so I didn’t have to turn any dirt over by hand. 🙂

I’d have a compost pile a corner far enough from the house so that it wouldn’t be smelly/nasty so close, but near enough to bring out scraps from the house and use the compost in the garden.

We’d have lots of different fruit trees.

And some maple trees for syrup.

And berry bushes.

I’d have an awesome root cellar to hold all the foods I would later preserve.

K would have his barn where he could have workshop and his cars.

And then, we would have some chickens, and a cool chicken coop.

We’d undertake top-bar beekeeping.

And possibly have a couple of goats. You know, for lawn-mowing capabilities. 🙂 Maybe goat milk eventually.

That’s all I want! Not much to ask for, huh?  No, not at all! 🙂  But I guess that’s why they call it ideal.



5 Responses

  1. Sounds like you have a great idea. I actually had a friend in college who’s parents lived on something like that. Brings back memories.

  2. I can see your vision. That house is almost perfect, it would need a 3rd bathroom, but the land is beautiful and there is a pond!! A pond! You could catch fresh fish!

    Your footprint would be itty bitty

  3. Very nice. I think 10 acres is the perfect amount. And I guess I’m even more conservative in my needs than you, because that house looks huge! 🙂 Our dream house is just over 600 square feet for a family of four. I like how you posted pictures of the things you want. That’s a great idea. I wish you the best of luck in your homesteading dream.

  4. […] My Dream Homestead over at Little House on the Great Flats. An amazing dreaming thought process. I love the pantry and the greenhouse. And the GOAT! […]

  5. NIce…..I like…..10 acre minimum =) No maximum (if we take taxes out of the picture)

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