And We’re Still Alive…

Last night, Hubby and I opened our first jar of tomato sauce and meatballs that we canned at the end of August and I wrote about here.

We were a little scared. Ok, a lot scared.  But a friend of mine who’s an EMT was coming over later to spend the night (she had a conference in the area to go to today) and I figured, hey, at least we’ll  have someone who can help us as we’re dying of botulism! 🙂

So K took the band off, and then pried the lid – it was certainly on there tight – GOOD!  He sniffed it. Smelled delicious! He poured it into a saucepot to heat it up to boiling (just in case, you know) and the meatballs hadn’t turned into mush, they were still whole meatballs!

We made our WW pasta and ladled the sauce on top.  And gingerly, carefully, we took little bites at first, as if expecting to drop dead at any minute.  But it all tasted fine and we finished the quart jar.  (with 6 meatballs in there, it was  considerably less sauce than you would normally get from a jar at the store). 

We must have done the pressure canning correctly because here we are today, just fine, after eating meatballs that have been sitting in our pantry for 2 months. 🙂

So cool! Now I want to pressure can all sorts of things!



One Response

  1. YAY!

    That fear musta been terrible, but now…no worries. 🙂


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