♬♪ Will You Light My Kindle? ♪♬

Guess who got a Kindle for her birthday?


That’s right – this girl!

My parents gave me a very nice gift card for my birthday, with the express hope that I would use it toward a Kindle.  I hemmed and hawed…I thought it was $100 more than I could afford, but I found out the price had been dropped $40 right before my birthday.

I hemmed and hawed again, wondering if the price would continue to go down balanced with my desire to make my parents happy by buying the Kindle and enjoying it enough before the next version came out.

Because it’s going to come out.  Probably any day now. I mean, the Sony Reader has already started with the touchscreen, and the Barnes and Noble Nook is about bring even more options to pass next month.  It’s inevitable, the march of time makes technology obselete as soon as it comes out!  So, instead of forking over my hard-earned (er…birthday-earned) cash, plus some of my own, I decided upon a refurbished version.  An additional $40 less, same guarantee from Amazon (1 year limited warranty, 30 days to return, less waste to the environment, looks the same as brand new)  and I won’t feel bad as a newer, more expensive version comes out.  And if I want to upgrade at some point (er…WHEN I want to) I’ll feel less guilty about it.  🙂

So far, I’m loving it.  I’ve subscribed to the NYT blog ($1.99/month) and bought one book, Outlander, which I’ve been meaning to read forever, for $2.39. (It must have been on sale last week because now it’s more!) Big spender I am! I can’t justify the $9.99 books yet – I go through books so easily.  So I found a website where I can download all the classics for free!

Just look at the list of books! For a classics lover like I am, this is perfect.

The one thing I don’t like so far, and this is bratty of me, there’s a different page numbering method on the kindle books.  Maybe there’s a correlation, but I sort of wish I could tell what page I am in the hardcopy version of the book, because Part 9708 just doesn’t equate to me.  But I love how it tells me in the lower left corner that I’m 48% through the book, since you certainly can’t tell by thumbing through the pages.

So I’m loving it, and loving how when I go to Boston this week for more medical stuff, I won’t have to lug three huge books with me.  That in itself makes it worth it.




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  1. Yay, what a great prezzie!!

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