I’m sitting in a hotel room in the Copley Square area of Boston, watching my Yanks on TV, my laptop open on my lap, with a glass of Coke on ice sitting next to me. I’m treating myself after the day I had, getting poked, prodded, and stress-tested. And it’s fabulous.  Er, the relaxing part, not the poked and prodded part.

I had a post I could have written tonight but I’m just enjoying laying here, relaxing, so it’ll wait until this weekend.  In the meantime, if you will just send good thoughts/prayers/vibes to me tomorrow I will appreciate it!  Medical stuff is no fun, and after the year I’ve had, I am just OVER IT.

I have spent umpteen days in this city this year, and never had the opportunity to actually ever hang out here! K and I really need to make a trip just to see the sights and enjoy it. I went for a walk tonight, even in the windy, rainy, cold, and just love it.  I almost left NYU to come here for college sophomore year, but ended up deciding to stay in the New York.  Sometimes I wonder if I should have transferred here instead! I still sometimes want to move here, but financially, it wouldn’t make any sense.  The COL is so much lower where we live now.

So tonight I will watch the game, take a hot bath, putz around on the computer and revel in having nothing to do – no cleaning, no canning, no cooking – pure bliss. I love it so.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t let the game score ruin your bliss.

    You should definitely enjoy a trip sans med stuff.

    Praying for you tomorrow.

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