The coldframe is finished!  Just in time to…probably not really help anymore for the season. Oh well, we’ll see.  K finally finished it a couple weekends ago, but it took me that long to paint it, which is needed to help protect it from the weather it will have to hold up against.  We brought it in pieces (because K the engineer made a fabulous disassembling coldframe)and set it up facing the south side of the property.


Partially set up

We tried to enclose most of the spinach that has survived so far, but some lay outside of the box.  Of that, we tried to transplant them into the box, but I think they’re too young to transplant and will die. Oh well.


Closeup of spinach

We got the windows in front and left them down, as the spinach has plenty of water to last for a few days.  I am a little nervous that this greenhouse will be too hot and fry them, but I guess that’s what experimenting is all about!


All set up

It looks solidly built, I’m so proud of my hubby! He even put weatherstripping all around the windows to make sure the inside was protected.


Side view

As we left the garden this afternoon, and I turned to look at the coldframe through the chain-link fence surrounding it I had a horrible thought – those two windows are facing the road where lots of people in the neighborhood walk by every day. And it’s not the best neighborhood (and that’s being generous).  How long will these windows last before someone tries to throw a rock through them?


View from outside the garden

I hope that is just my own prejudices talking and that I’m wrong. I will fight them.  But I do admit I’m a little worried.

More on the garden tomorrow!


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  1. Wow he did an awesome job. I hope the spinach survives.

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