Our coldframe works!

Holy cow, did I have a busy weekend!  But before we went downstate, we went over to the garden (in the pouring rain, I might add) to see how the spinach is doing in the coldframe.

It looks great! And I have to admit, I was gearing myself up in case the cold frame was destroyed.  You know, a rock through the windows or something.  But no, it was in perfect shape!

Closer up

They are thriving in the coldframe!  We compared the growth to a little spinach plant (that I didn’t get a picture of) outside the coldframe and the one outside looks puny and frail comparatively. The spinach in the ‘frame had turned a rich green and even the transplanted seedlings (we had moved some of the plants from outside the coldframe inside) are doing great!

A bonus is that our coldframe is not completely solid because in the rain, plenty of water was dripping in and the dirt was wet, so we don’t even have to go water it in between visits.  It’s protected from the cold (at least until the snow flies), allows some moisture in, and will allow plenty of growth.

I only hope the spinach can grow much more before it gets too cold for even the cold frame.  I guess we’ll see!

No farmers market for us this week, but the Jets game was awesome and I will be back with pics tomorrow!


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