Farmers Market Sunday 12/18

I walked into my living room this morning and was met with the scene of a crime.

As way of explanation, the hubby and I ran quickly to our local pet store (local, not a chain, and I love it!) yesterday and bought a few new toys for the kitties as their Christmas “presents”.  We all have stockings hung over the fireplace, so I planned on putting them into their stockings until we gave them to the cats.

When we got home, we were met at the door by none other than escape-artist Bailey.  We had gone to the deli before the pet store, and had prosciutto sandwiches in a paper bag that I placed on the steps as I put away my coat.  The bag was next to my purse which held a catnip “beanbag” as one of the gifts for the kitties.

There was no contest between the prosciutto and the catnip for Bailey.  He ignored the meat in favor of the herb and pounced on my purse.  We laughed and took it away from him and went upstairs to fill their stockings.

Apparently the catnip drug was just too much of a temptation.  I came out this morning and saw Bailey sprawled in front of the fireplace, catnip beanbag in hand paw, licking away with his empty stocking on the ground next to him.  How the heck he got his stocking off of the mantel without knocking anything down on top of himself I have no idea.  But it was hilarious – my little blissed out kitty laying there with evidence of his misdeed right next to him. 🙂

I will hopefully finally be learning how to use my hand-me-down sewing machine next month and I’ve decided if Bailey likes those catnip beanbags I’m going to make them myself next year for much less than $1.99/ea.  I mean, catnip seed is sold plentifully around here, and I’m just going to grow some myself next spring and dry it like I did the parsley this year. I’ll have tons and sew some muslin squares, fill with a little batting and dried catnip and he will be in heaven!

We didn’t have much to buy at the market today.  We didn’t even drink any milk last week, oops.  However, we had ordered a smoked ham a few weeks ago and it was waiting for us today.  Yum!  The last ham we got from the market (a fresh ham from a different vendor) didn’t have a bone, so we specifically ordered bone-in from Sweet Tree. We’ll get MANY meals out of this ham, plus we’ll make some split pea soup as well.

This week’s booty:

  • 1 chocolate ganache cupcake and 1 loaf of rustic italian bread from Our Daily Bread
  • 1 Empire apple from Migliorelli Farm
  • 1 6lb smoked ham (a half of a ham), 1 package of maple breakfast sausage,  and some pork fat from Sweet Tree Farm
  • 1 pint of eggnog and 1 pint of chocolate milk from Battenkill Creamery.

Last week we were talking to the guy at Sweet Tree about making baked beans and how you need salt pork to make it. They don’t sell salt pork, but he said that they would have lots of pork fat from the hams this week and he needed some himself for some recipes, and did I want the rest?  For free of course, since it was free to him.

Yes, please and thank you!  All week I’ve been excited about trying to make baked beans with it, and I just googled when I got home and learned that pork fat and salt pork are not the same thing. I figured I would just have to salt the fat to make it into salt pork but I guess not.  Oh well, I’m still learning.  However, I’m thinking of rendering lard (yes, so bad for you, but it is healthier than hydrogenated oils are!) and canning it for future use OR making some soap with it, which I’ve been thinking about for awhile.  I will NOT be wasting it.

I guess that’s the cool thing about winter.  Not much to do outside so I can do lots of projects I’ve been thinking about for awhile.


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