To-Do List Update

Second week of the New Year and I’ve already made some good progress towards some of my goals:

1. Finish hard-cover books.

1/6 are done.  Finished Peter the Great because I didn’t have that much left to read.  It was ok, nothing to write home about.  Interesting because I love history. I’ve also read some more of The Puerto Ricans, and am starting to finally really like it! After 1/3 of the way through it.  I finally entered the 20th century and it means a little more to me now.  It’s interesting because I really have no interest in 20th century American history, so why do I like 20th century PR history? They’re both *my* history.  My grandfather didn’t come over to NY until 1949, though I am really imagining how my family was living while reading about the 1928 hurricane and things like that.

2. No reading while I eat.

I’ve maintained it for a week.  Dude, it’s hard.  But I really think it’s good for me.

3. Lose 5% of my weight.

My “official” weigh-in is tomorrow, which means the day in which I stand my body on the bathroom scale.  I’ve rocked the eating and exercising this week, so I’m hoping to see a good loss.

4. Wedding cross-stitch

Absolutely no progress. 

5. Sewing machine

Well, I made this last weekend! I’m really proud, although the stitching isn’t particular straight. 🙂

Can’t wait to use this new beach bag on the beach in Florida next week!

6. Get house organized

All week I wanted to get started on this, but I decided getting to the gym was a higher priority.  Hopefully I’ll get to this soon.

All in all, not bad.  Here’s to the second full week of the year!

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  1. Your bag turned out AWESOME!!!! Congrats on doing that and doing a good job 🙂

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