I’m a Sewing Machine!

I have finally conquered my fear of the sewing machine!

All right, I’m no expert, but I can do basic stitches on the hand-me-down my MIL gave me in December of last year.

One of my first project ideas was to fix the spice bags that have been falling apart.  They’re made of natural muslin, and I picked a few up at the co-op some months ago to use for preserving various things like pickles and pears.

But they’ve started to fall apart.  They were really cheap, but there’s no point in throwing away things that can be fixed.  I didn’t want to sew it with just any thread though. Conventional thread (along with fabric and batting) are made with heavy doses of toxins.  The spice bags go into my food, and there’s no way I wanted those toxins to go with it.

Solution?  Organic thread.

I bought this from Near Sea Naturals. Though they are in no way local to me, I really liked their commitment to socially-responsible sourcing.  They’re also located in an off-the-grid, solar powered facility! In addition, I loved the fact that even after I ordered, I sent them some questions via email and they answered them promptly and personally.

I wound a bobbin full of this thread, and then got to work mending my spice bags.  The thread is a little thicker than I am used to, and a little more…fuzzy, but I love that it was organic.

My spice bags are ready to go! Now I just need summer to come so I can preserve again. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Awesome! The bag looks great.

    And you’ve reminded me to bug my grandma for her pickle recipes. 🙂

  2. That looks great! and those threads are great.

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