Farmer’s Market Sunday

Farmer’s Market Sunday yesterday.  Didn’t have much to get as we didn’t need any meat.

  • One half-gallon reduced fat milk, one pint chocolate milk, and one pint cream from Battenkill Creamery.
  • 6 Empire apples from Migliorelli Farm
  • 1/2lb spinach from Madura Farm
  • 1 loaf “San Francisco” sourdough bread, 1 piece ciabatta bread, 1 chocolate croissant pastry.

Oh man, that pastry was delicious with my half of the chocolate milk.  I love chocolate. I’m not sure I trust a woman who doesn’t.

Flakiness and chocolate...yum.

Chocolate milk and half the chocolate croissant with my laptop in the background

And that sourdough bread – WOW!  K made this delicious cream of squash soup last night with left over pumpkin pulp we had in the freezer from Thanksgiving, an overripe carnival acorn squash, and the leek we bought last week.  We ate some of the sourdough with it. It was the most sour sourdough bread I’ve ever eaten, but also the best I think!

And finally, I got my hat! Last week at the farmer’s market I was walking past Olivia Royale’s table when I saw a hat she had crocheted in the perfect shade of brown/green I’ve been looking for to match my ski jacket! I’d been looking all over for something that would match and not found it yet, and there it was!  When I came back a few minutes later she had sold the house but said she would make me one custom.  However, she needed to order the yarn because she doesn’t normally carry it.  She orders the yarn on Sunday nights after the market and most of the time she has the order completed by the following Sunday.

It was fine that she didn’t have another hat in that color because this let me get a plain snow hat type instead of a fancier one with a brim.  It’s going with a ski jacket, nothing fancy is needed!

When I went to pick up the hat yesterday, she told me she was nervous because she hadn’t gotten the yarn in until Friday!! But she had finished most of it by the farmers market, and kept it on the crochet needles to make sure it fit me correctly. I tried it on carefully, making sure to hold onto the skein of yarn while doing so and loved it! I asked her to make it a few rows longer and she finished it up while we finished shopping.

Here’s the hat!

And here’s me modelling it! I love it.  I’ve even been wearing it at home. 🙂

I got the perfect color AND supported someone in my community.  Win win.


3 Responses

  1. Love the hat! Looks really cute on you. 🙂

  2. You look so cute in that hat. And custom made 🙂

  3. I adore that hat on you!

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