Seeds in the Mail

My seeds came in the mail last week, but I forgot to show them off!

It was nicely packed and I even enjoyed the envelopes they came in.

Nice artwork! Can you guess what it’s from?

I love this little touch!  They’re using local, antique seed catalog designs for their seed packets.  Genius!

I had to open a few of the seed packets, just to look.  Especially the ones with bigger seeds.  So much fun!

Purple-podded peas! (Just say that five times fast!)

Dry beans!

My membership came with this special seed packet, free. But I’m not sure what kind of seeds are in there. I think it’s lettuce, but I don’t want to open up the envelope just yet because it’s not easily closed back up, unlike the others.

And I loved the little letter they sent with it.  Check out the last sentence.

It reads: “P.S. – We love our customers! What other seed company can report that its top-selling seed of the year so far is a ground cherry!!”

Oh, yea, I’m one of those people that ordered ground cherry seeds! 🙂

Last weekend, K and I bought some seed starter pots and looked for a grow bulb.  Unfortunately, we bought the wrong one, so we’ll have to return it and find the right one.  But his next project is building a seed starting stand for me!


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  1. So fun. I can’t wait to chat you up about gardening since I want to grow a few things this year.

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