Farmers Market Yesterday

The Farmers Market is closed next Sunday for Easter.  So sad.  But we stocked up on lots of good stuff today.

First off, Bailey decided he wanted to come to the market with us, and got in one of our bags.

Silly kitty

Today’s loot:

  • 1 pint chocolate milk, 1/2 gallon reduced-fat milk, 1/2 gallon whole milk (for ricotta)
  • 2 dozen large eggs from Coopers Ark Farm
  • 1 bunch swiss chard from Barber’s Farm
  • 1 loaf honey whole wheat bread from Our Daily Bread
  • 1lb maple-smoked bacon and 1lb ham steak from Sweet Tree Farm
  • 1 cup strawberry yogurt from R&G Cheese
  • 3 apples from Migliorelli Farm
  • 1 bottle black currant dessert wine from Hudson-Chatham Winery

Notes from yesterday:

  • It seems as if we’re buying more meat than ever before.  We’ve gone through all our meat for the month of March from our CSA, except for the roast that we’re saving to eat with our friends in mid-April. Still one more week before April’s meat is shipped to us. We’d probably do without except that Easter on Sunday makes us want some ham!
  • The chard looks pretty. It’s so nice to have something else to eat besides spinach or root veggies. Look at those ruby red stalks!
  • K and I enjoyed our blackberry dessert wine so much, we decided to try the winery’s brand new offering: black currant.  It was K’s birthday so he got to choose, but I wouldn’t have minded more blackberry.

Good stuff!

One Response

  1. I’m always jealous of your take at the farmer’s market. I really will have to take you up on your idea to go to the Troy market.

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