Maple Sugar Weekend 2010

This weekend was the second in New York State’s annual Maple Sugar weekend.  You can see my post on this from last year here.

This year, we went to a closer sugar house than Kent’s Sugarhouse in Berlin.  We found Woodview Sugarbush in Delanson instead.

This sugaring operation looked a lot bigger than the one in Berlin.  Their sugarhouse was much more spacious.

Inside, their evaporator looked much bigger.

We didn’t need an explanation on how the sugaring process works this year, so we headed outside to see a tapping demonstration.

Modern sugaring: Use a cordless drill to go about 1-2 inches into the tree. 🙂

Then, lightly tap the spile until it “catches.” I was surprised how gentle he was, instead of hammering it in.

Then, in the olden days, they would hang a metal pail on the hook of the spile and let the sap drip into it. It started coming out almost right away because it had just gotten warm enough.

But we were told that this year had been horrible for maple sugaring.  Last year, was their best year ever. The weather was perfect (below freezing nights, and warm days) and they made over 400 gallons of syrups! This year, the season is just about over and they’ve only made 120 gallons of syrup.  I guess that’s how farming goes.

Once we finished with the demonstration, we headed in to buy syrup! First, we saw they were selling stiles and buckets. I was really tempted to buy one and find a maple tree in the preserve behind our home to tap, but I held off 🙂 One day!

We ended up with a gallon of dark syrup, 8oz. of maple sugar and a log cabin of syrup to give as a hostess gift sometime this year. So much syrup! I bet you’re asking.  We’re hoping to use it as local sugar in baking throughout the year.

4 Responses

  1. You can come visit me 🙂

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I read your post about New York Maple Syrup, thank you for writing about the farms. You did not mention how the syrup could be purchased. Is this syrup only sold locally or is it available through a website?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Carey Ann,

      The syrup is sold at a great many sugar houses around the Capital Region. The two I’ve been to don’t even have a website, so I’ve bought them onsite. But someone on the TU Eat Local blog I post on as well just posted the website of the place they went, and I checked it out and they do sell syrup both locally and will ship it to you for an additional price. Check it out.

      Hope that helps!

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