New Month in the Meat CSA

We got this month’s shipment of meat from 8 O’Clock Ranch in a box similar to last months, like this one:

However, the meats were only partially frozen when we got them, which makes me concerned about those summer months.  Granted, our CSA only goes for one more month, so we need to make a decision as to whether we’re going to continue this.  We’re thinking our friends might not want to do it again.  We talked to one of them to tell them it was coming and the response was “Already?  We still have much of the meat from last month.”  Oh.  So I don’t think they will want to do it again.  Our meat has been devoured for a couple of weeks now, so we are strongly considering just getting a half-share by ourselves. But I think that will just translate to eating more meat overall.  K loves the variety of lamb, pork, and beef though.  Still, we debate getting it directly from our community, even though 8 O’Clock Ranch is relatively “local” (250 miles away).

So anyway…here’s what we received this month:

  • 2lbs ground beef
  • 1lb ground sausage
  • 1lb porterhouse steak
  • 2.4 ham roast
  • .92 lb lamb chops
  • 1.08lb pork chops
  • .72 pork shoulder steak
  • 1lb of smoked bacon

The bacon, 1lb of the ground beef, the porterhouse steak, and the ham roast are all ours, everything else goes to our friends.  Woe, I want pork chops! But I’ve been wanting a ham for ages now and will finally get it!

And tonight, we had the greatest “sauce” poured over salmon for dinner – 1/4 cup of maple syrup, 2 tbsp of course grain mustard, and 2 tbsp of light brown sugar, mixed together.  So good I almost licked my plate. And I think it will go well on that ham!  My mouth is watering already…


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    Let me know how their ham roast is – I’m pretty curious. I liked their ground pork, but it was a little on the lean side for me, and ground finer than I prefer. But the flavor was great.

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