More Planting

I don’t know where last week went to, but all of it’s sudden it’s Sunday and there’s been quite a few days when I didn’t write. And it’s not as if I don’t have plenty to write about.

The gardening continues to go well.  It seems as if we can call winter a bust.   It’s been warm since March and isn’t getting cold again.  Great for our spinach and planting!

Last week in the garden, K planted carrots, purple podded peas, sugar snap peas, lettuce and more spinach directly into the ground.  I want a ton of spinach this year!

We finally removed the cold frame. It did well for us, and gave us quite a head start on the first spinach.

At home, our broccoli is doing well! We’ve removed the top of the seed tray as they’re too tall for it.  But we haven’t thinned them out yet, and won’t until they get their first real leaves.

In addition, last week I started Fox Cherry tomatoes, Amish Paste tomatoes, ground cherries, and tomatillos.  None of them have come up yet, even though it only took the broccoli a week to germinate.  Hope something shows soon!

On Monday, my shipment of onion and leeks slips should be mailed out.  My onions are heirloom, but the leeks are going to be the only hybrid plant we have in our garden this summer.  We’re getting 100 onion slips and 30 leeks! Anyone nearby need some leek slips?  We just don’t have enough room for that many!  Maybe this year we can return the favor and hand them out to fellow gardeners, just like the onions we got from Jenny last year, or the garlic from Terry.


One Response

  1. I’ll bet your fellow gardener-neighbors would love extra leeks/onions.

    My tomatillos/tomatoes took forever and a day to sprout, too!

    I’m glad you’re optimistic about planting. I put some peas in the ground yesterday and I am remaining hopeful that it’ll stay frost-free from here on out.

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