Quilt Block of the Month – Month 1

I’m almost done with my “fake” quilt (i.e. I didn’t know what I was doing so I decided to sew big pieces of cloth together and call it a quilt 🙂 ) so I’ve decided to take the next step in my sewing education and learn how to do a proper quilt.  Without getting TOO complicated though, I’ve decided to do Joann’s “Quilt Block of the Month.”  Ok, it really had nothing to do with easy – I just got captivated by the colors of this thing! They are colors that I would never think to put together, but they’re bright and intriguing and I was hooked!
What the final quilt will supposedly look like: (Yes, I say supposedly because you never know with me.)

I’ve had the first block sitting in the package for almost a month now, but this past weekend, I finally broke it out to try to put together.  I was actually nervous!

The pieces are pre-cut though (really, I could have done it myself if they had just told me what colors/fabrics to buy) so it was easy enough.  With 1/4″ seams I began sewing the block called “Sweet 16.”

First, I sewed two blocks each together (a yellow blue, another yellow and blue, then blue and green x 2).  From that, I made these rows.  Then I sewed the four rows together.

Finally, I sewed all the triangles together, and then to the correct sides of the “sweet 16.”  The finished product – voila!

Not too shabby for my first quilt block ever.  My only concern is that the package told me it should be 17.5″ all around, and it’s 17.25″ one way (and 17.5″ the other way).  I tried to stretch it out every step of the way, but it still didn’t come out perfectly.  I’m hoping when I put all the quilt blocks all together at the end, it will work out ok.  I’m sure this sizing problem will happen again.

2 Responses

  1. Precut blocks are a great way to learn to sew them first. I’ll teach you to cut sometime soon.

    And don’t worry about the inconsistency in the size. Mine are never all perfect and the quilts turn out fine.

    Good job Chelle!

  2. Oh wow! Looks great!

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