Farmer’s Market Sunday

Late on the market recap, but this weekend was pretty lowkey.  Lately they have been. We’ve had so many meals of leftovers and the veggies have lasted for lots longer than planned as well.

So this week:

  • 1 pint and 1 half-gallon of reduced-fat milk from Battenkill Creamery
  • 1lb beef short ribs from Sweet Tree Farm
  • .85lb Goat rib chops from ???
  • 1 oz. of poached pear tea from Divinitea

We’re out of meat until next week because once again, even eating it only 1x per week (most weeks) we’ve burned through our 5lbs from 8 o’clock farm.  We’ve also decided to not sign up for the next CSA cycle which starts June 1st.  We thought if there was trouble with the meat defrosting in April, imagine what it would be like in June, July and August!

So, though we were planning to buy another kind of meat this week, Sweet Tree had a special of $3/lb for beef short ribs.  Oh yum!  And $3/lb is just something we couldn’t pass up! So we bought a pound and ate them for dinner that night.

Then, K had heard from a coworker that one of the vendors was selling goat meat.  So we found that vendor (and I can’t remember who it was! Oops) and checked out the meat as best we could. It’s USDA certified, goats are supposedly pastured yadda yadda yadda.  We made a goat curry with it (but it was honestly not what we should have done with that tough meat, oh well).  I guess it’s good I can’t remember their name, but I didn’t get the best feeling from them, and I don’t think I would buy again. The guy also told us they weren’t meat goats, so all I can think about is that those goats were faithful milk givers who finally got too old or stopped producing milk and were otherwise useless, so their thanks was getting sent to the butcher. 😦 (I know, I’m making up stories to myself).  But, though the meat was pretty tasty, it was also tough, and full of gristle. I don’t want to buy again from them.

We heard from someone at Divinitea (talking to someone else, so I guess we were technically eavesdropping) that they’re getting a storefront?  I hope it’s true, and think it’s great that they’re doing enough business that they think a storefront is needed! Yay for local business!


One Response

  1. I make up stories like that to myself too about stuff.

    Good goat meat isn’t like that so I think you made the right decision.

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