Grow grow grow!

Such a busy weekend last weekend, that I didn’t even get a picture of the farmer’s market – now outdoors until November!  Yay! It is so fantastic seeing so many people milling around City Hall, more and more vendors every Sunday, filling the streets. I love it!

The garden is coming along so nicely already. We got such a head start this spring, much more so than our first spring gardening last year. And yet, I know we could have done better, and we will in future years.

Our cold frame spinach (no longer in the cold frame) is growing in leaps and bounds. If this keeps up, we’ll be able to harvest spinach pretty soon!  Interestingly, the spinach we planted weeks ago from seed has barely grown. I planted yet another row of spinach behind the cold frame spinach last week. It would be nice to get spinach throughout the summer.

We finally transplanted our broccoli, which were doing quite well grown from seed. I did think they would be a little bigger before we transplanted, but that didn’t happen.  First time starting broccoli though, so I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

In the garden:

We only planted one row of lettuce this year and there will be NO MORE ever planted! The lettuce that went to seed in the garden last year has spread everywhere, like weeds! And it keeps growing and growing…I just don’t have the heart to pull it like a weed, so I guess we’ll just eat it. Until we’re sick of it. Like last year.

The peas have also been growing and growing.  Stakes are already needed. I am SO EXCITED about these, especially the purple podded peas!

Grow peas, grow!

And finally the strawberries are in FULL bloom.  They weren’t this way until June last year, so hopefully we’ll get a good crop of strawberries (and hopefully the birds won’t eat them all).


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