You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto

Our last frost date is coming up and K and I will be doing the big planting this weekend!  To prepare, we hit the co-op and farmer’s markets something fierce and walked a way with a tad too many seedlings.  But we have a big garden to fill…and I couldn’t help it!

To begin with…tomatoes.  I started tomatoes in my garage under lights at the end of March, and they haven’t turned out too well.  I’m not sure why.

Many of the cells never grew at all, and those that have are pretty puny, don’t you think? Nothing like the tomato plants we bought at the farmer’s market.

Here’s the market pic of plants:

Much bushier, right?  For tomatoes, we only picked heirloom. First I got some Gilbertie paste tomato plants to supplement the Amish paste tomatoes  I was TRYING to grow.  These are great for making sauce.  Here’s what they look will like:

The second kind we bought are called Striped Germans, that are very sweet tomatoes, perfect for adding to sauce or making preserves.

Next, we picked up some Cherokee Purple tomatoes. These are also supposedly very sweet, similar to Brandywines.

And finally I picked up one Isis Candy Cherry Tomato plant. These fruits only get to be about 1 1/2″ to provide the perfect size for my salads!

Last year we started with 12 tomato plants, but ended up with 11 after transplanting.  We now have 13, and you’d think that’s enough, right?

Of course not! Double the plot this year means double the tomatoes!  Ok, not really, because boy did I complain on this blog last year how SICK of tomatoes I got by the end of the summer.  Clearly, I’ve already forgotten.  I placed a hold on 4 more plants – Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato.  It’s supposed to be a cherry but is also called a currant tomato. I’d never even heard of currant tomatoes till last week! But I knew I had to get them.  These will only grow to 3/4″ of an inch – they are so tiny.

So, by the end of this weekend, we will have 17 tomato plants that we bought, plus a bunch more that we tried to grow. I really didn’t know how well the ones I grew myself would do so I decided buying plenty of others would make everything ok.  I guess we’ll see!


5 Responses

  1. If you need help in eating tomatoes, I gladly offer my stomach space.

    I too started tomato seedlings inside, and along with my pepper plants it is puny city. Only 1 grew a bit, but they’ve got nothing on the ones from the farmers mkt. Maybe it’s b/c they have better space to start them in?

  2. I had a similar problem with my tomato seedlings…actually with most of my grow light seedlings. Everything is doing so much better now that the plants are in the ground!

    • Did you use a real grow light or just a regular bulb? K swore a regular bulb was fine but I’m wondering if we should have invested in a grow light, or at least a hot and cold bulb as well.

      • A real grow light, whatever I got for Christmas. (my family, not being gardeners, was amused I wanted a grow light). I didn’t have a timer though and had to rely on remembering to turn it on and off.

      • Ha, I amuse my family all the time. They just do not understand why I like to do the things I like 🙂

        You can find timers pretty cheap! I think we got ours for $5!

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