2010 Garden Plan

Found this cool website that let me pictorially draw out my garden plan for this year – mostly to scale. It’s actually 5 feet short, but eh, close enough!

To see the entire garden plan (as this is only a portion) click HERE.

The big planting is done!  My parents came up on Saturday, specifically to help with the garden, and they were great.  My mom helped weed and my dad helped K plant, and between the four of us, we got so much done.  Then, last night, K and I went back to do most of the rest of the planting.  With the exception of the chard, ground cherries, tomatillos, and a few more tomato plants, it’s done!

This week is brutally hot, so we need to take care to water EVERY single day.  Even in just one day, the ground is parched. And tomorrow will be 92F!  (Wasn’t it just below 30 a couple weeks ago?)

Anyway, this website is pretty cool. I’ll be able to take notes regarding our crops, total our harvest, and do some planning for next year.  I think it’ll be very helpful, and beats the 10,000 attempts at manually sketching out my garden.  At 55x19ft, I just didn’t have graph paper big enough!


2 Responses

  1. Wow, where is that garden planning site? That is awesome. Your garden is huge. Looks like you’re a big jalepeno fan too!!!!

    • Oh I can’t believe I didn’t get back to you earlier on this. It’s at PlanGarden.com. It costs $20 per year, but there’s a 45 day free subscription so I haven’t paid anything yet.

      My husband is the big jalapeno fan! Me, I love my frying peppers! 🙂

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