Violet Victuals

I wrote a post on violet vinegar a few weeks ago for Eat Local, but I’m stealing it for tonight since I had planned to write a blog post but ended up at the garden a lot longer than I had planned.  So, if you found me from Eat Local, I apologize for what basically amounts to a cross post.

Last year, I came across this blog post at  I loved it; I thought it was gorgeous and I really wanted to make some for myself.  However, it was later in the summer and I couldn’t find violets anywhere.  K tells me violets grow all summer, but I’m not even seeing them anymore nowadays. They seem to get quickly overshadowed by the big summer flowers.

So this Spring, I was prepared. I wanted to make some violet vinegar.  I quickly sought out the only place where I new I could get chemical free violets – my community garden!  The only problem I realized later – half the violets there are white! I couldn’t find enough violet violets, so I ended up mixing those in there.

I rinsed the violets well and picked off any stems or loose debris I could find. Then I loosely packed a small canning jar (half-pint for me, 8oz) with all the violets I had.

Once that was done, I poured rice vinegar in the jar, over the violets, to the brim.  I read elsewhere you can use cider vinegar, but it changes the color slightly.  I sealed up the jar, placed it in a sunny window, and left to steep for a week, turning over daily to make sure the violets got mixed in there well.

Such a pretty color!  After a week, I filtered out the vinegar and threw the used violets into a salad for lunch! Yum, and a great source of vitamin C! Due to the mixture of purple and white violets I had, the color of mine didn’t come out very deep, and faded to a crystal pink – but it’s still very pretty!  I think this would make a great hostess gift or housewarming present.

There’s also so many other things you can do with violets, from making violet jelly to candied violets! Even a violet simple syrup to make a refreshing spring or summer beverage!  If I find them again this summer (or definitely next Spring) I will be trying my hand at another violet-inspired edible.

2 Responses

  1. I didn’t know violets were edible. That is so cool.

  2. I didn’t realize that was you! I saw the post and gave it a try, but alas it was about a week too late as most of my violets had wilted, so I only made half a jar. Was just thinking about trying it this week on my lovely CSA greens… what a cool idea, thanks for the tip.

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