June 3, 2010

K and I headed to the garden tonight – our first time since last Friday. We had friends over this weekend for the Memorial holiday (yum, bbq-ing, board games, and general shenanigans) and we obviously didn’t want to drag them along.  Then, it rained a couple of days ago, so we put off going again, but finally today the threatened rain didn’t fall and we realized that we must go and water.

Holy mother! It’s like everything doubled, no, quadrupled in size since last Friday! Unfortunately, so did the weeds. We will be up to our elbows in the garden this weekend. The green beans, zucchini, and corn have all sprouted, and the tomatillos, ground cherries and swiss chard loved the heat so much, they’re huge (compared to where they were).

Currently, we have not lost one plant after transplant.  This is great!  Even the eggplant I thought wouldn’t make it, held on.

Beautiful flowers from the purple podded peas! Can you see K behind them stringing the stakes?  They’re really thick!

The strawberries are PROLIFIC this year.  We got a handful on Friday, a handful today…and soon enough it will be strawberry picking time for canning. It’s going to be crazy.

Today consisted in putting in stakes next to the tomatoes, placing string between the stakes for the peas to keep growing – they’ve already surpassed the chicken mesh we staked earlier this year! Also, I sprayed both the eggplant and cucumbers with my homemade insecticide – water and dishsoap mixed together – that’s it! It worked well for us last year when we used it and I am trying to use it from the get go this year.  I guess we’ll see how it does.

But the best thing about today was that was we found the first of the purple podded peas.

They’re not very big yet, but they’re coming.  Soon I will have to “put up” as much as I can, in order to have these veggies throughout the whole year.

But first, it’s weeding season. Before the fruits of our labor – the labor!


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