Niagara Falls Part 1

Last weekend, the hubby and I took a little trip to Niagara Falls!

We stayed in Buffalo on Friday night at the Adams Mark Hotel.  We booked it on Priceline “Name Your Own Price” and it was awful.  I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

Saturday morning we stopped in Niagara State Park, “the oldest state park in America” – solely because Yosemite has now become a national park.  It was our first look at the falls, albeit from the American side.  The mist that arose from the falls was magical from glance 1!

We had to take a closer look.

It was such a hot day we wished we could go in the water! Of course, going over the falls didn’t look all that fun, despite the many people who’ve gone over (and some have even lived – I have no idea how!). But on the American side is the attraction Cave of the Winds, where you can actually feel the power of the falls yourself!  Luckily, they give you footwear and a poncho to stay *mostly* dry.

You definitely need these!

Standing almost under Bridalveil Falls in “Hurricane Deck” was so exhilarating!  K and I went back for a second shot.  To see the experience check out this video I found on Youtube.

After we were nice and cooled off, we finally headed over the border and to our lovely B&B, Park Place, hosted by the gracious Gary and Carolyn.  It was gorgeous!

We had the Prince of Wales Suite, and it was beautiful.

The next morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast on our private porch.

Stuffed french toast with cream cheese and apricot jam! Yum!

After breakfast, K and I headed to the Butterfly Conservatory/Botanical Gardens to check out the local wildlife.

How funny is that picture?  Poor butterfly looks like he’s on his way out though, bits of wing missing and everything.

After the Butterfly Conservatory, we headed into wine country! More soon…


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