New Garden Pics

Got into the garden again this weekend (plentiful rain is keeping us away much of the week).  The beginning of the bounty of the garden is here, and last week we took home a pound of lettuce.  We have so much, we’ve let our “next door” plot neighbor in to pick as much lettuce as she wants.  This will keep the lettuce from going to seed and continue producing!

Our first stop in the garden tour this week is the celery patch.  We’ve done a lot of weeding and mulching (to keep from having to weed) and we’re finally getting a foothold on all the weeding. There’s still so much to be done, but with the mulch, it makes it much much easier.

We have four plants, and they all look like this. Having never grown celery before, I’m not sure what it will look like when it finally starts to grow, but I really don’t see anything much yet.

Here are some of our green beans.  They are sparse this year though, many of the seeds didn’t germinate.  We will plant more, but for now, there’s a lot of empty spaces in our rows.

A potato vine!  We planted both adirondack blues and red chieftains this year – actually the first year we’ve tried planting potatoes.  Aren’t these cool looking?

Having never grown them before, I’m not really sure how they will turn out.

Moon and Stars Watermelon in a bed that needs to be weeded badly!  We have 4 of these, and they have a lot more room to grow this year than last.  A melon has yet to start growing, but hopefully soon.

Here is one of the zucchini plants we got from the market a few weeks ago.  Looks pretty pathetic, but I’m hoping it’s just recovering from transplanting.  However, it gives me much pride to look at THIS…

This gorgeous specimen we grew from seed ourselves.  Doesn’t it look SO much better than the market one?  I’m pretty proud.

Here’s one of our eggplants.  They are pretty badly eaten by some insect, and from my research, it looks like something called the flea beatle.  I’ve been spraying them with homemade insecticide, but I keep seeing damage.  The plants don’t appear to be dying though, and supposedly the flea beatle doesn’t prevent eggplants from growing, but I’m hoping something starts growing soon.

Ground cherry!! They took forever to grow from seed, and they haven’t gotten that much bigger in the ground, but they’re hanging in there. We’ll see if they produce anything this summer.

Blooming Nasturtium!  Not only pretty flowers, but also edible.  Try them on a salad, they’re kind of peppery!

Speaking of salad, here is my accidental lettuce bed, leftover from the lettuce that went to seed last year.  It’s crazy.  I picked a pound of lettuce last week, and at this point, I’m letting “plot neighbors” into pick whatever they want. This’ll keep the lettuce producing (wait, what am I thinking?) and stop it from going to seed.

Our lettuce is pretty cool. Last year we had Black seeded simpson and Amish deer tongue lettuce (with some red lettuce in there) and this year, it appears we have a hybrid!

From left to right: Black seeded simpson, amish deer tongue, a strange hybrid, and red lettuce.  Do you see what I’m talking about the hybrid? It’s somewhat straight but a little curled around the edges.

Moving on with the garden pics, here’s a Marconi pepper – a frying pepper that’s heirloom. I love Cubanelle’s but they’re not heirloom so we’ll try this instead!

I was trying to get a shot of the little cucumbers growing but it didn’t come out too well.  First year growing them, and I had no idea that cucumber plants were so prickly!

Here’s our carrot bed, completely overgrown.  We also need to thin out the carrots.  We learned last year if we don’t, they won’t grow that large, but have we done it yet? Of course not.

Broccoli plants! Nothing growing yet, but boy have they come a long way from the spindly seedlings I had back in April!

Little tomatoes growing!  I’m not exactly sure which kind this is  (I meant to mark them but didn’t), but I guess we’ll see soon enough. I’m thinking they’re cherry tomatoes, but we’ll see.

Onions!  ‘Nuff said. 🙂

Bolted onions!  There were two that never got harvested last year that are about to burst into bloom.  They’re not good to eat any more, but will provide pollen for bees, which is also very important.

And finally, peas glorious peas! This week we picked the first of the peas, both sugar snap and purple podded.  The sugar snap you can eat right off the vine, but the purple podded peas are a little tougher and need to be shelled.  I think I’m going to let the majority of them dry and them put them in a jar to use in soups like split pea this winter.

Not that you shell sugarsnap peas, but I just wanted to show the difference between them and the purple podded peas.  I have to make sure I dry these right so they don’t go to waste.

Till next time in the garden!


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  1. Wow – I love all your garden pics! I had bad luck with my bean seeds not germinating this year also. Normally, they are one of the first things to get going and take over the fence but this year – not much.
    We grow potatoes every year – just red and white so far because thats what we like. So easy and you get a ton!!!

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