It’s Berrying Season!

June is here and almost gone and that means that berries of all sorts are in season!  A couple of weekends ago, K and I went strawberry picking and made short work of 4 quarts.  I won’t post about it in detail again, it was very similar to the strawberry picking we did last year, except that it was lightly misting and overcast.  This made it much nicer to pick rather than in the hot, sunny, humid weather.  We got 4 quarts this year, instead of 3 quarts like last, and aren’t planning to make any jam – there’s still a few jars left over.  And yet, we could have used even more!

The difference is, we finally purchased a dehydrator. Rather than heat up the whole house by putting on the oven to dehydrate, we can now use this dehydrate strawberries, cherries and blueberries, make fruit leather, and dry peas (oh yea, that’s coming).

So, after hulling strawberries, we froze a quart, kept a quart fresh for snacking on, and dried the rest.

The dehydrator has 4 “shelves” to dry on, pretty nifty.  For strawberries, you cut in half to dry.  They turn so small when they do!

2 quarts fresh turned into only a half a quart dried.

Next up, cherry picking.

4 Responses

  1. So when are you to teach me to make jam and we can finish your quilt?

    BTW I secretly want a dehydrator but Hunni won’t let me.

    • When life calms down a little bit. Looking now like sometime after July 4th? Bring over some berries (whichever kind you like best) and we’ll knock it out! 🙂

      Why won’t DH let you?

  2. My parents still make strawberry jam every year and even though I am not really a “jam” person, the house always smells great on jam making day.
    I did not know you could dehydrate strawberries. We just got a machine too and we like making apple chips, which are actually pretty good.

    • I think you can dehydrate almost any fruit. I’m looking forward to putting these in muffins/pastries, cereal, oatmeal, everything!

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