July Garden Tally



Sugar Snap Peas:  1.5lbs (mostly over by July)

Purple Podded Peas:  1lb, 13 1/4oz. (mostly over by July)

Cucumbers: 4lbs 1/4oz.

Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes: 15oz.

Amish Paste Tomatoes:13 5/8 oz.

Fox Cherry Tomatoes: 1oz.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes: 7lbs, 12 1/2oz.

Isis Candy : 4 1/4 oz

Garlic: 13 bulbs

Lettuce: 4 3/4oz. (mostly over by July)

Cayenne Peppers: 3oz.

Marconi Peppers: 3 oz.

Broccoli: 9 3/4 oz.

Green Beans: 3 1/8oz.

Carrots: 5/8oz

Onions: 8oz.

Tomatillos: 2oz.


2 Responses

  1. Holy Organic Produce Batman!

  2. I love seeing the tally – Are you satisfied with the amount, or would you have liked more?

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