Garden in August

The tides have definitely turned, and we are into “late summer” in the garden, with the heat taking over and beginning to turn our tomatoes into ripe, red, juiciness.


The onion stalks have mostly fallen over, resulting in the harvest of over 10lbs the other day.  There’s still a few left, but we’ll soon turn over the vacant land of the peas and onions and cucumbers to plant more greenbeans, peas, garlic and spinach.



Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes are still producing bucketloads.  These are the best tomato plants ever and I would recommend them to anyone!


The green beans are finally ready for harvesting but are already suffering from Mexican Bean Beatle infestation. We had this problem last year, but didn’t realize it early enough. I’ve already sprayed this year (homemade insecticidal spray – ORGANIC) but I still found eggs and larvae on the plants the other day.  Ugh…I don’t want to lose my green beans AGAIN!


The celery is getting close to being ready to pick!  It’s at about 8 inches, and we’ll harvest when it’s a foot tall.


The dry beans are also producing well, and the melon plants have taken over the garden. They finally JUST started producing baby melons.  I don’t know why it takes so long for them to start. At this rate, I hope we have something by the time frost starts.


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