New Harvest

First zucchini of the season!  Very late in the season.  We nearly lost all our zucchini plants, but after we figured out how to combat the powdery mildew problem, was able to save some of them.

Zucchini as big as my arm!

Still, between last year’s squash bugs disaster and this year’s powdery mildew, I’m looking forward to having some sauteed zucchini with dinner this week, and making zucchini bread this weekend!

The dry beans have been growing well all summer, and are finally starting to dry, allowing me to pick them.  More beans for the wintertime!

And finally, the tomatillos are starting to come in, in pounds!

A pound of tomatillos getting ready for preservation

In the meantime, we’re still drowning in tomatoes. Soon there’ll be a post on canning crushed tomatoes. I just need to give them a vinegar rinse and take pics. This time of the year is busy busy!


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  1. Tomatillos you taunt me though Chelle’s blog. I miss you so :-/

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