August Garden Tally

August is the month of tomatoes and green beans! Look at these numbers!

Onions: 10 lbs, 12 1/8 oz.

Isis Candy tomatoes: 6 5/8 oz.

Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes: 5lbs, 5 5/8 oz.

Cherokee Purple tomatoes: 9lbs, 12 1/4 oz.

German Striped tomatoes: 6lbs, 1 3/4oz.

Gilbertie tomatoes: 5lbs, 13 1/8oz.

Amish Paste tomatoes: 1 lb., 1/8 oz.

Fox Cherry tomatoes: 3lbs,  1/4 oz.

Tomatillos: 3 lbs

Cucumbers: 2lb., 15 1/2oz

Green Beans: 5lbs, 8 6/8oz.

Cayenne peppers: 4 2/8 oz.

Zucchini: 2lbs, 10 1/8 oz

Carrots: 3 oz.

Swiss Chard: 6 3/8 oz.

Broccoli: 1lb, 3 5/8oz.

Eggplant: 1lb, 4 oz.

Dry beans: 4 1/8 oz.

We’ve put up much of our harvest, making lots of sauce and canning crushed tomatoes, blanching and freezing green beans and broccoli.  We’ve ordered a chest freezer to help us keep our garden surplus frozen until we need it, as we’re quickly running out of space in our small refrigerator freezer.

Bring on September!

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